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Our goal is to assist you in making your written material as compelling and effective as possible..



Our proofreading services provide customers with the three C’s: clarity, correctness, and consistency. We correct errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. In addition, we eliminate contractions and make minor changes to improve word choice and sentence structure.



Our copy editing services provide customers with an increased level of service. In addition to the tasks covered in our proofreading service as described above, we correct language errors, make wording changes, and improve awkward sentences. We look for ambiguity, repetitiveness, and logical order. Headings are reviewed for consistency and passive constructions are changed to active construction as necessary. If desired, we will also make suggestions regarding the number and quality of illustrations and examples used by the author.

Contributing Staff

Rhonda Graham

Writer, Editor

• Copy Writing

• Proofing

• Editing


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