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Harness the Power of Social Media

to Promote Your Event

Some studies show that we check our social media accounts more than a dozen times a day. This makes social media a powerful tool for event promotion. Your event needs to be there for potential attendees to discover for a number of reasons:

• People will associate an exciting event with your company’s brand.

It’s easy to highlight a company’s products or services, but more difficult to shine the spotlight on your company’s brand personality. An event can do just that. Consider a ticket giveaway or offer a discount as part of a social media post.

• You can engage your attendees before the event even begins.

Consider creating a hash tag for your event to generate buzz and excitement. Your attendees can become event promoters when they spread the word on their own social media networks.

• Pre-event coverage can reduce miscommunication problems.

Miscommunication issues regarding the event date, time, and location will derail your event. Include a link with event details and registration information.



• Social media can maximize pre-event coverage.

Remember that posts with photos and videos get more views than posts without them so use plenty of visual content. Consider using live video of interviews with people involved in the event. If you’ve done the event before, post comments or video testimonials from past attendees. Share pictures, bios, or a power quote from past speakers, presenters, or promoters to capture your audience’s attention and add personality to your posts. Pre-event coverage could also include a behind-the-scenes glimpse as you prepare for the event or a tour of the event location.



• Social media is the most cost effective way to

promote an event compared to print and TV or radio coverage.

In addition to harnessing the promotion power of your attendees, encourage your promoters, advertisers, or speakers to plug your event on their social media.


•  Events give you so much social media bang for the buck.

You will have content to use before, during, and after your event. As you respond to post-event comments and reviews, you can start the buzz for your next event.



An effectively-promoted event can highlight your brand, increase attendance, and engage attendees. Write Now Marketing has the expertise and the experience to handle all aspects of social media marketing for your next event. Contact us today to discuss how we can partner with you to promote your next event!



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