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As social media marketing and digital marketing grew in popularity, some businesses were tempted to neglect one of the most proven methods of achieving maximum return on their marketing dollar—direct mail marketing. Virtual and digital marketing can’t replace the benefits of physically putting your advertising piece in the hands of potential customers. At the same time, businesses don’t want to ignore the marketing opportunity that comes from the billions of people who access social media every day. The good news is that your business doesn’t have to ignore one to embrace the other. Direct mail marketing can be seamlessly combined with social media campaigns to bring your business and your customer the best of both worlds.

If it’s been some time since you’ve done direct mail, let’s review the distinct advantages:

• Tried and true

Direct mail marketing has proven results with an estimated 15 - 17% return on investment according to some sources.

• Trusted and safe

As social media platforms struggle to regain the trust of users after recent privacy breaches, the safety and security benefits of direct mail marketing become even clearer. With the anticipation of General Date Protection Regulation (GDPR), direct mail is expected to become even more appealing as it will not require the levels of consent required by digital marketing.

• Focused marketing

Direct mail helps maximize your marketing budget by allowing businesses to target households by age, income, household size, or geographical location. This ensures that your mail piece gets into the hands of people who are more likely to become your customer.

• Affordability

Direct mail flyers, postcards, and brochures are very affordable to design, print, and mail when you take advantage of bulk mail rates.

• Design

Direct mail pieces allow your marketing team to use color, pattern, fonts, photographs, and design to draw the attention of potential customers to your brand and highlight your product or service in a way that can’t be done in a social media post or graphic. Print pieces are remembered longer than images on social media.



Advantages of a two-fold approach

The fact that 3.2 billion people use social media can’t be ignored. Social media helps consumers engage with your brand and builds customer loyalty, two benefits businesses won’t find in other forms of marketing. Rather than replace one form of marketing with another, your business can combine the two to best accomplish your goals, maximize your advertising budget, and expand your reach. Multiple touch points with consumers increase your reach.



• Increased response rates

Social media can partner with your direct mail campaign to increase response rates. In fact, Michael Phillips, writing for United Mail, reports that response rates can increase 30-60% when combined with social media. Your mailer can display your social media icons to encourage recipients to follow you on social media. You can use social media posts to build anticipation for the mail piece, especially if the mail piece has a coupon or discount code. A mail piece can also direct residents to your website, especially if they are enticed by a special offer or discount or can simply scan a QR code.


• Personalization

As more and more businesses flock to social media advertising, the quantity of ads has become so overwhelming that social media users tend to scroll quickly through business advertising. Direct mail pieces that bear the homeowners’ names receive far more attention than generic pieces and are less likely to be considered junk mail. The process of physically touching and holding the product tends to reinforce memory. A social media user who has seen your brand on a mail piece would be more likely to slow down and take a second look at your social media post.


Where should you start?

Your first step should be to define your goal. It’s important to clearly define what you want to accomplish with each campaign, whether that goal is to bring more customers into your door, draw attention to a giveaway, or announce the arrival of new merchandise. Defining your goals will help your marketing team as they design the mail piece and social media posts and plan the timing of the mailing and posts.


Businesses can no longer stick to one form of advertising but must integrate multiple forms to appeal to all potential customers. Write Now Marketing has decades of experience in direct mail marketing, print advertising, and social media marketing across all platforms. We can partner with you to create a direct mail marketing plan that works in tandem with social media and enhances your social media marketing.



The Best of Both Worlds:

How to Integrate Social Media and Direct Mail Marketing


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