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Is In-House Social Media Marketing Right for Your Business?

You know your business needs a social media presence to engage your audience, build your brand awareness, and drive potential customers to your door, but maybe you’re hesitant to incur an additional monthly expense. Maybe you dread the process of selecting and working with a social media marketing company, especially since you are surrounded by tech-savvy employees who are always on their phone, always checking social media, and they’re already on the payroll.



Before you are tempted to delegate your business’ social media marketing to an employee, staff, or team member, consider these points:


• Do they know your customer?

Knowing the customer you want to target and attract will determine the best social media platforms for engaging that customer. It will also influence the content and timing of your posts. Does your tech-savvy employee understand the marketing approach necessary to target your customer?



• Do they understand the inner workings of the different social media platforms?

Your employee may have his or her own Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter account, but that does not equate to the knowledge of social media trends, knowing which platforms are best for your unique audience, or knowing the fast-changing algorithms unique to each platform. Those algorithms determine who will see your posts and when. Also, each platform has different strategies and best times to post. Does that person have the time and desire to stay current?



• Do they have the writing skills to create relevant, concise content?

Readers scan social media posts rapidly. Only relevant content will make them linger. Also, simple mistakes in grammar and punctuation will quickly impact your credibility.


• Do they understand that your social media content should be a unique mix of posts involving both product information and brand personality?

Product information, such as highlighting an item on a restaurant’s menu, may generate a number of likes, but it won’t lead to customer engagement the way a post that reveals your brand’s personality will. On the other hand, too frequent use of personality posts will soon seem less genuine. Even more basic, does that employee really understand your brand’s personality?


• Do they have the design skills to create the eye-catching graphics required in the visual world of social media?

This is a frequent area of failure for businesses that try the in-house approach to social media marketing. While they may know their business and customer well enough to compose relevant content, the graphics often appear amateur. Amateur graphics are enough to cause your potential customer to scroll right past your post.



• Do they have the time and skills required to deal with questions, complaints, and negative press in a

timely manner?

Responding to negative comments requires tact, patience, and professionalism. It’s not the time to be defensive. It’s also not the time for procrastination. A response is always required and required immediately.



• Can that person track your social media progress?

Progress is determined by more than the number of likes. It involves an understanding of engagement and analytics.



A well-conceived marketing plan requires a social media presence to engage an audience, build brand awareness, and influence sales. Write Now Marketing can help take away the guess work and design a social media marketing strategy that works for your unique business and customer base. Contact us today to get started!




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