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If you haven’t started using video in your marketing strategy,
now is the time.

Previously, video content was only available to networks and large corporations, but thanks to current technology such as smartphones and faster internet connections, businesses of all sizes and budgets can reach their audiences with video content.

Viewers now watch content on demand and on several different platforms and devices. Industry experts see the trend toward less text-only content and expect that very soon two-thirds of mobile online traffic will be video which will become the preferred content platform. In fact, many industry experts consider video to be the future of advertising. For these reasons, it’s more important than ever that you change the way you present content and reach your audience.

Business owners should see this change as a great opportunity. Bob Arnold, digital media and strategy lead at Google, advises businesses to embrace the change. “Digital video provides us with extremely valuable—and virtually immediate—viewership data that we can review and use for more refined and targeted messaging.” Video sites make it easy to see the number of views, shares, and likes your video content receives.


According to Tina Arnoldi of Internet Strategy, 1.5 billion viewers per month spend an hour a day on YouTube. “Advertisers who use both audio and video in their message are more likely to reach and keep an audience engaged.”


Video should be considered one of the most powerful ways to reach audiences of all ages, increase your reach, and build your brand awareness since people watch more content on demand across all devices. Video is a very successful medium to generate excitement about your brand and your products. It allows the opportunity for product demonstrations and how-to segments.  With video, viewers can both hear and see your message or product. According to Whiteboard Animation website, Amazon and eBay find that adding a video to a product description increases the chance of a sale by 35%.


Debra Becknell of Write Now Marketing reminds business owners that video can be utilized for websites, digital marketing, social media, and commercials. One video, therefore, can go a very long way. This allows businesses of all sizes and budgets to gain more traction for less cost and makes video advertising very cost effective.


Consider these additional advantages of video marketing:

• Videos are sharable. Some sources estimate that 1 billion videos are shared on social media every day.


• Videos increase the likelihood your audience will find you. Videos can be embedded in blogs and included on your website providing several different touchpoints between you and your audience.


• Search engines love videos.  Search engine companies give priority to video, which again increases the chances of potential customers finding your business.



If all these reasons aren’t enough to convince you to try video marketing, remember that your competition is probably already using video to woo your potential customers. Video is a trend that is here to stay.




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Reach Your Audience With Video


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