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Terms & Conditions

Proofing Process
One round of changes will be included in project quote.  Any additional rounds of changes will be billed at the regular hourly rate.  Write Now Marketing LLC will provide a copy of the ad or publication prior to printing for customer proofing. The customer will be responsible for verifying all information, photos and advertising is correct before printing. Any changes necessary must be delivered back to Write Now Marketing with at least two business days prior to the printing deadline via email (
debra@writenowmarketing.com) or faxed (502.415.7223). Changes will be made and a proof will be returned for the customer’s approval. Once the files have been sent to print, no additional changes can be made. Every effort will be made by Write Now Marketing, LLC to ensure a reliable service and operation of the design to print process. Write Now Marketing, LLC will not be held liable for any print errors after final approval process. Final proof reading is the responsibility of the customer.


Copyright / Artwork Approval

Clients will provide to Write Now Marketing only non-copyrighted and royalty free images and text. Clients will hold all responsibility to ensure no copyright infringements have been made on any material provided for print or digital media. Upon request, Write Now Marketing may require customer to provide original source for stock photos or provide photographer contact information for original photos so we may obtain a release if necessary.



All services provided by Write Now Marketing and any information provided by clients in the course of our business relationship will be kept strictly confidential. Write Now Marketing agrees not to disclose, publish, use or otherwise reveal company information or employee information to any third party except for the intent of client advertising, mailing purposes or client requests.



Write Now Marketing reserves the right to work on an hourly rate and only bills for actual time worked on a project, rounded to the nearest fifteen minutes OR bill according to what best fits the project such as a page rate or a flat rate basis. If, while working on a flat rate basis, it becomes apparent that the fee is insufficient to allow the work to be completed to the required standard, then Write Now Marketing will renegotiate the fee or tailor the remaining work to the budget. Any expenses, such as postage, printing, artwork, delivery and travel not covered by the fee, will also be charged.


Payment / Fees

All clients will be billed an invoice after projects are complete or the end of the month, which ever comes first.  The customer will receive and invoice through email and may pay via check or credit card through PayPal.  All payments should be received within 10 business days of receipt and are considered late after 30 days.  Late fees (18% annual interest rate or $20 whichever is higher) will be applied to invoices that are not paid within 30 days of statement date.


Write Now Marketing, LLC takes the utmost care with every assignment accepted. It is conceivable that on occasion errors will be missed even though a high level of proficiency has been applied. In each case, having exercised such care, Write Now Marketing, LLC shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising by such proofreading and copy-editing. The ultimate responsibility lies solely with the client in every case.





Write Now Marketing is committed to providing outstanding value to clients by building strong, reliable relationships. It’s our goal to manage projects so that our clients may stay focused on their strategy and purpose while we manage the details and execution of their advertising needs.


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