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How many times have you stopped someone in a store to ask the location of an item only to find you’ve asked a fellow shopper? What’s more frustrating than trying to distinguish a store employee from a shopper?


Compare that experience to the football field. You instantly recognize the teams and know which player belongs to which team. A customer should be able to walk into your store or business and instantly identify your staff. Something as cost effective as branded apparel impacts brand recognition, company pride, team spirit, and professional image.

Branded apparel has advantages inside your business with your employees:


• Branded apparel makes your employees brand ambassadors. Your employees are like mobile billboards, offering cost-effective exposure to your logo.


• Corporate apparel gives your employees a more expert perception. When your employees appear more professional, it increases their credibility and gives them the distinct impression of responsibility

and authority.


• Offering branded apparel to your staff helps employees buy in

to your brand. The resulting team spirit makes your employees

more loyal.


• Branded apparel builds a corporate culture. Your employees can easily choose what to wear each day. It’s an automatic dress code that means you don’t have to be the dress code police, and since everyone wears the same thing, hierarchy barriers are removed which boasts employee morale.

Branded apparel has advantages outside your business with your customers:

• Customers have a better experience of your service when they

can easily identify your staff. Branded apparel offers a consistent appearance so that customers know where to go with their questions.


• Branded apparel enhances your business’ professional image. Branded items are perceived as higher quality. It gives a distinct impression that your business is well established and has a commitment to customer service.


• Corporate apparel helps you build an identity and familiarity. The purpose is that the design, logo, and colors become recognized by customers so be sure to tie the colors and design to your logo and web design.


• Corporate apparel helps customers buy in to your brand.

Customers make an instant connection to your brand and name.


Very few expenditures will develop your brand recognition, build company pride and team spirit, and create an environment of professionalism and competency as cost effectively as corporate branded apparel. Write Now Marketing can put your corporate name and logo on any number of items, including T-shirts, polos, hoodies, hats, jackets, totes, coolers, and bags.


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