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Have you ever played the Logo Quiz Game? This is a guessing game available online in which the player is presented a page of corporate logos to identify by assigning the corporate name. Multiple levels of the game progress to logos that are more and more difficult to recognize. Most players are surprised by how many logos they can instantly recognize.

• Easily recognizable & Memorable That’s the thing about a great logo—it’s easily recognized. Consider these iconic logo images: the five rings of the Olympics, the golden arch, BMW, Apple, Shell, Starbucks, Volkswagen, and especially the Nike “swoosh”. As soon as you read the name or description, the logo forms in your mind. We don’t need a corporate name attached to identify these logos. A great logo is memorable and easily recognizable. It evokes immediate brand recognition of the business it represents. 
 • Evokes Response Your company’s logo could be a potential customer’s first impression of your business. They will see this logo on your business cards, your signage, your website, and your packaging. Make it a good first impression. A great logo can subliminally inspire trust, authority, superior knowledge, or some other quality or attribute of your business. 
 • Versatile A great logo is also versatile. A one-trick pony won’t work. To be effective in practical business uses, a logo has to work in color or black and white. It has to work for both printed materials and digital uses. A great logo has to translate to any size—from a full-size billboard to a small business card. It has to translate to any product, including apparel or promotional materials. 
 • Stands the Test of Time A great logo can’t be too trendy or it could soon look outdated. Once a logo is perceived as associated and identified with your business or product, you don’t want to make significant changes as styles, fonts, or colors go in and out of style.
 • Conveys a Message A great logo can give customers a visual feel for the tone of your business. When meeting with a logo designer, consider giving the designer words that describe your business. Here’s a list to get you started: retro, classic, modern, vintage, minimalist, rustic, urban, romantic, nostalgic, fun, whimsical, sophisticated, youthful, and elegant. • Stands out from the Competition Check out the logo designs of other businesses in your industry, then do something different! If they are traditional, maybe you should be modern. If they are monochromatic, maybe you should opt for vivid color. Sara Tavenner, who designs logos for Write Now Marketing, says, “Before I even begin to flush out a graphic I cross reference what others in my client’s field are using. I don’t want it to look like everyone else’s and if there is a way to represent the company without looking cliché that is the path I want to take.” Your logo is a powerful way to differentiate your business or product from the rest. • Graphics, fonts, and colors Some of the most popular logos have a few other characteristics you should consider when talking to a logo designer about your company’s logo. The images are generally simple with easy-to-read, uncluttered graphics. The font is thoughtfully selected to complement the image and business. Memorable logos often have distinctive shapes and colors that represent the product or industry. The process of creating something so small that conveys so much meaning and message is challenging. Logo designers have to pack a lot into a tiny image. It takes thought, research, creativity, and multiple revisions to shape, color, and form. Sara Tavenner says, “A great logo visually represents what the company stands for. It should be simple, memorable, and outlive trends. I review online design resources for inspiration and brainstorming. Once I have the idea figured out, it is a matter of sketching and fine tuning until it feels right.” It’s important that you, as a business owner, communicate with your marketing team to transfer your idea for your business into a professionally-designed logo.   

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